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gorgeously green

be green and fabulous

Gorgeously Green
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we show you just how easy it is being green AND chic!
gorgeously green

if you're on the eco-centric side (which is wonderful!!) you probably will find this community a bit girly.

welcome you to the new gorgeouslygreen livejournal community. this community was inspired by sophie uliano's amazing book gorgeously green- which is currently #3 on the new york times best seller list. as moderator i will share information i've learned from this book as well other sources.

please share tips, recipes and success stories with your fellow community members. ask questions, too. i have always believed that asking is the best way to learn. lj-cut when needed, please. this community is not for self-glorification purposes, such as promoting your own work. check sewing and art communities for that! thanks.

those of us who know about being green should make it our duty to spread the word. even as individuals we truly can make a difference. everyone is welcome here at gorgeouslygreen - we're not just a girl's club.

disclaimer: we are not officially connected to mrs. uliano, this is just a shoot off from her book. this community was established to further our own green knowledge. it is not in our agenda to plagiarize in any way. if you represent an author or source discussed in this community and are concerned, we apologize. and, please contact me directly.♥

"Gorgeously green is a lifestyle choice that is simple, easy and fun. Going green doesn't mean you have to go without. On the contrary its the most exciting, fulfilling and wondrous way of life imaginable". - Gorgeously Green by Sophie Uliano

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going green is love

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